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Book of abstracts

Below you will find the preliminary programme of the symposium.

  • There are two sets of up to 17 parallel scientific sessions on each of the full days (Thursday-Saturday) involving sub plenaries, paper presentations and workshops for participants to choose from. Five of these sessions in each time slot are available to online participants in hybrid format as well as an additional online only session. Presentations and workshops are offered by well known, experienced group analysts, more recently qualified group analysts and those in training.
  • Keynote Sessions will be held in a hybrid format.
  • Scientific Programme Sessions will be held in-person, some in hybrid format, and a few sessions will be online only.
  • There will be two Large Groups, one online and one in-person.
  • Social dreaming, small and other experiential groups will be held in-person or online.
  • The variety and timing of online experiential groups that we can offer will depend on the number of participants who register and the time zones in which they live.
  • Additional sessions, such as “meet the authors” and meetings of other organisations will be held during lunch breaks.
  • One of the hybrid rooms will be open during the coffee break for exchange between those attending online and those in person

This programme is subject to change. Please visit the website regularly for any updates.

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