Goran Marković


Goran Marković was born on August 24, 1946 in Belgrade, from parents Olivera and Rade, both known as drama artists. From 1965-70 he studied at the Film Faculty of Art Muses (FAMU) of the renown Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Czechoslovakia, where he obtains his bachelor and masters degree in film directing.

After finishing his studies, he works on documentary films for television. Throughout his career, he made about 50 movies, some standing out with their provocative form and bold content.

From 1976, he started writing and directing feature films. To date, he has recorded 15 films, mostly doing his own screenwriting, including three television series.

From 1978, he works at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, University of Belgrade, where he was a full professor teaching film directing, and where he retired as professor emeritus. He is a guest lecturer at Columbia University, New York and at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Banska Bistrica, Slovakia.

From 1986, he started his work in theatre directing and writing plays. He wrote and directed eleven theatre plays, using his own screenwriting or from other’s texts.

He wrote eight books: three novels, two collections of diary prose, two nonfiction titles, and one collection of plays.

John Schlapobersky


John is a training analyst, supervisor and teacher, IGA London; Research Fellow, Birkbeck, University of London; Certified Group Therapist, American Group Psychotherapy Association. He has speaking and teaching engagements in many European countries and in Australia, China, Japan, Israel, South Africa, and USA. He was a Founder Member of EGATIN, GASI Scientific Secretary and Programme Chair of its London Symposium, 2011.

His first book, a professional life's work, From The Couch To The Circle: Group-Analytic Psychotherapy In Practice (2016), won the AGPA Alonso Award and is now a widely read training text. When They Came For Me: The Hidden Diary Of An Apartheid Prisoner (2021), is a memoir of political imprisonment and deportation from South Africa – his home country - for opposing apartheid in 1969. He came to the UK as an asylum seeker and helped establish Freedom from Torture, a leading human rights charity, where he worked for many years.

Carla Penna


Carla Penna, PhD is a psychoanalyst and a group analyst in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She is a member of the Scientific Committee of the Group-Analytic Society International.

She is a former president of the Brazilian Group Psychotherapy Association and Group-Analytic Psychotherapy Society of the State of Rio de Janeiro and a former Visiting Professor of Medical Psychology at FCM/UERJ.

She published in Portuguese the book Inconsciente Social in 2014 and in 2022, From Crowd Psychology to Dynamics of Large Groups: Historical, Theoretical and Practical Considerations, by Routledge.

Danilo Pešić


Danilo Pesic, MD, is a psychiatrist, associate member of GAS Belgrade and candidate member of Belgrade Psychoanalytical Society and IPA. He is permanently employed in Institute of Mental Health in Belgrade, and he is teaching assistant at Department of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade.

His field of clinical work is adolescent psychiatry. Subject of his scientific interest is personality disorder and identity problems in adolescents and emerging adults and the possibility of psychological early intervention, with particular focus on group analytical psychotherapy and its modification in contemporary institutional setting.

Snežana Kecojević Miljević M.D.


Snežana Kecojević Miljević M.D. psychiatrist, training group analyst, psychoanalytic psychotherapist, subspecialist in the psychoanalytic psychotherapy field, professional with rich experience in the mental health care service, and private practice. During institutional professional work, she put one of the main focus on organisation and work in a kind of therapeutic community programs through the associations of psychiatrist patients and family members, mostly by running in - and outhospital therapeutic groups on group analytical principles. Special fields of interest are medical professional mental health and implementation of staff support groups in medical settings in burnout syndrome prevention.

Supervisor, educator and member of Training Committee of GAS Belgrade, full member of GASi, current president of Society of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists of Serbia (SPPS), Adult Section delegate in EFPP, member of Association of Psychotherapists of Serbia Presidency, member of Section for Psychotherapy Presidency of Serbian Medical Association. Volunteer at the Ortodox Counseling Center, and author of two books of native poetry.

Jelica Satarić, MD


Jelica Satarić, MD, is a psychiatrist, group analyst and individual psychotherapist in private practice in Belgrade. She is а member of Group Analytic Society Belgrade (GAS- Belgrade), in which she is a training group analyst and the current president, co-coordinator and supervisor of its Psycho-social Section, the co-founder and convener of the Reflective Citizens (RC) method with the RC-Training. She is a member of Group Analytic Society International (GASI), associate member of Society of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists of Serbia and a member of Serbian Medical Chamber.

During her professional work in institutions, she was the co-founder and chief of Daily hospital for addicts in Institute on Addictions in Belgrade where she teamworked and co-conducted median groups of addicts and their families according to the systemic approach.

Group Keynote

Group Keynote: improvisation on diversity and dialogue


We are approaching the topic of diversity and efforts in dialogue through group work, co-creating a process of learning through experience. In this innovative session the group members are invited to share, in vivo, the emergent process and content that developed during the previous monthly online sessions of the group. The group has been meeting since February 2023 and will continue the free floating discussion on the stage in the keynote venue at the Belgrade Symposium. There is no script written in advance, as we are used to having for a keynote lecture. This is a group that was founded, convened and facilitated by Marit Joffe Milstein and Alice Mulasso, both group analysts and members of the Symposium Scientific Program Committee. The participants, of different nationalities, come from diverse group practice traditions and methodologies, with a lot of experience in their local, as well as international, communities.

Key words: diversity, dialogue, group process, live experience, ……

Group Keynote speakers

Alice Mulasso

group key note facilitator

Psychologist, psychotherapist and group analyst, a deep passion for group work both in the clinical field and in the community. Working in private practice and in Arcipelago Practice of Applied Group Analysis in Turin, with individual and group psychotherapy. Past President and co-founder of Arcipelago, a social enterprise offering psychological intervention at social fee to make it affordable for all citizens. Arcipelago staff also develops projects in the community according to the emergent needs and social contingencies. (

APRAGI Chair, Trainer in Group Analysis in the national COIRAG training institute in Turin. GASi full member and part of the MC with the role of Membership Honorary Secretary.

Starter of the Italian branch of Reflective Citizens and RC activist, in Italy RC found a fertile ground and there are now four RC branches: Chieri, Rivoli, Padua and Cinisi. Member of the Steering Group on the International Reflective Citizens. Host of Social Dreaming, trained with Social Dreaming International Network (SDiN), co-hosting the monthly ongoing matrix in Italy, on-line.


group key note member

IAGP Board Member. IAGP Trauma and Disaster Committee Chair.
Founder and vice president of Balkan Association in Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy. Founder, Conductor, Supervisor, Coordinator of Dr. Ali Babaoğlu Jungian Analytic Psychodrama Sociodrama and Public Mental Health Association and Institute, İstanbul.
Lecturer in The Cinema-TV Dept. Of Faculty of Fine Arts, Marmara University, İstanbul. Clinical Practice in Marmara University, MedicoSocial Dept, İstanbul. Director of Group Psychotherapy & Psychodrama Training of Pedagocical University of Ukraine, Vinnytsia in Collaboration with APPU (2018-) Organising and directing psychotherapy intervention groups to ATO (Ukrainian military Veterans and families of them, ongoing trauma of war in Ukraine) and supervise their psychotherapist for 6 years. Volunteer Clinical Practice in an NGO, Tortural Trauma Rehabilitation and PsychoSocial Support Center for Refugees in Istanbul since 1999. Receiver of 2020 Zerka Moreno Award of ASGPP and nominated and mentioned for 2001 The Barbara Chester Award of The Hopi Foundation in Tucson, Arizona. (An award for outstanding clinicians and practitioners who treat victims of torture, their families and communities. In issuing this award, they hope to honor the worthy persons who undertake the difficult and often dangerous work of providing healing services in circumstances of torture. They hope also to call attention to such abuses directed against specific regions and communities, and draw worldwide support for prevention of torture and associated trauma.)Playing Flut Traverse and Saz. Writing Poems.

Lev Savinykh

group key note member

Lev Savinykh is a training group analyst and supervisor in St. Petersburg, Russia. He is a member of GASi.

Lev conducts small groups and seminars at the Training Center for Group Analysis (St. Petersburg), of which he is a co-founder. He also teaches at the Novosibirsk Institute of Group Analysis (Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk), where he conducts small and large groups, social dreaming matrices and seminars.

Lev has worked as a psychologist and group conductor for almost 10 years at a family support center with foster children and a rehabilitation center for people with disabilities. Lev has a private practice in individual and family psychoanalytic therapy, and runs group analytical groups for adults.

Marit Joffe Milstein, M.A,

group key note facilitator

Group Analyst and Psychodramatist (EXTH). Former chair and staff member of IIGA (Israel), teach groups at several colleges in Israel, and conduct supervision groups in various health, social and education organizations.

Beside working in her private practice, she is supervisor in Shiba Hospital eating disorders department, she was part of 8 year ongoing co-conducting monthly staff LG at the Mazor Psychiatric Hospital, and part of conducting LG's and organizing dialogue meetings in Israel.

Marit chaired and conduct groups in 2013 & 2016, 2019 IIGA International workshops in Gonen, she co-chaired “Civilians at war” International conference in Prague 2016, One of part organizing team of German-Israeli Dialogue conference series: “Voices After Auschwitz”, (2012-2023 still going). Currently Chair of the Online communication committee in GASi and International development committee, under which she is very interesting in exploring Internationa comunication and diversity in groups. Marit Co-chaired the last summer school in Ireland.

Nimer Said. MA, CGP.

group key note member

A Senior Clinical Psychologist, Organizational consultant, and Group therapist. Nimer Is A Palestinian, citizen in Israel. Earned his studies in Tel-Aviv University and for many years he is practicing individual and group therapy. Nimer took many roles in International and local conferences in group therapy and organizational consultancy. Psychoanalytic theories, open systems theories, and group analytic understanding are the armchair of his professional insight and thinking.

Olya Khaleelee

group key note member

Olya Khaleelee is a corporate psychologist and organisational consultant with a particular interest in leadership, and organisational transition and transformation. She was director of OPUS: an Organisation for Promoting Understanding of Society from 1980-1994, is a professional partner of the Tavistock Institute and was the first female director of the Leicester Conference on the theme of Authority Leadership and Organisation. She has published extensively in the areas of leadership and system psychodynamics in organisations, and beyond, into society. She co-authored two books with Halina Brunning, the first entitled: “Danse Macabre and other stories - A psychoanalytic perspective on global dynamics”, published in 2021, and this year, 2023, they have co-edited a second book entitled “The Covid Trail - Psychodynamic Explorations”, both published by Phoenix

Sanja O'Sullivan

group key note member

At university, I studied English literature and language. For approximately twenty years, I worked in the private sector in various management roles, including Executive Corporate assistant, General Manager of the mid-size trading company, Executive Recruiter and Headhunter for US Telecommunication Company. During this time, I developed an interest and a desire to understand the ways organisations shape our roles from within and without. The turbulent times that left the region of the former Yugoslavia devastated and desolate, including my family and friends, made me curious about Psycho-Social field. In 2007, I attended the first Reflective Citizens Workshop created and led by Dr. Marina Mojovic and Jelica Sataric and I have been present in the RC Programme ever since. (In 2021, I officially became a Host of RC). Starting in 2011, I set off to study PsychoSocial Dynamics, the Historical Context, the Legal aftermath and possibilities of reparative justice of the drama my region was sucked in. I also developed a special interest in Group Relations. 2011-2015: I completed the first Systems-Psychodynamic Organisational Consultancy Course in the Section for Applying Psychoanalytic and Group-Analytic Approach to Understanding the Psychodynamics of Institutions, Organisations, and Society. Since 2013 I attended and in 2021 completed Social Dreaming Training for SD Hosts. 2017-2020 I became C level training Consultant in Systems-psychodynamic Organizational Consultancy, and a Convenor of System-Psychodynamic Groups. I am a trainee in Art Integrative Psychotherapy, in the Serbian Association of IAP.

Shuai Li

group key note member

I'm doing my master's degree in developmental psychology at Beijing Normal University,

I am a certificated Chinese psychological counselor, and I been on private practice for 18 years in Beijing, I am also a registered therapist on CRCPS (China Registration Criteria for Professional Organizations). On the year 2019, I became the certificated Group trainer, Supervisor and Group Psychotherapist from Yalom Institute of Psychotherapy.

In-person Large Group Conductors:

Kathrin Albert

In-person Large Group Conductor

Kathrin Albert is graduate psychologist, psychoanalyst and group analyst, working in private practice in Berlin. From 2013 to 2022 she was on the board of Berlin Institute for Group Analysis (BIG).

Kathrin conducts groupanalytic large groups, small groups and social dreaming. She is lecturer, training analyst (DGPT) and group training analyst (D3G) at Berlin Institut for Group Analysis (BIG) and at Group Analysis Seminar Zurich (SGAZ).

She organises group analytic workshops and works as group conductor and supervisor at conferences, in clinics and institutions.

Jasmina Stojković Pavlović

In-person Large Group Conductor

Jasmina Stojković Pavlović is a psychiatrist and group analyst.

She graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade, Serbia in 2001 and specialised in Psychiatry at the Institute for Mental Health at the University of Belgrade between 2002-2006. As a psychiatrist, she worked at the Institute for Mental Health until 2019. Since 2019 until the present day, she has been running her own private practice.

Her clinical experience involves work in the field of depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, personality disorders and working with adolescents.

She started her training as a group analyst at the Society of Group Analysts Belgrade in 2002, and is a full member of the Society.

Robi Friedman, PhD.

In-person Large Group Conductor

Is a Clinical Psychologist and Group Analyst, Past President of the Group Analytic Society (International), of the Israeli Institute of Group Analysis and the Israeli Association for Group Psychotherapy. He is a Vice-President Member and co-founder (together with Volkan and Alderdice) of the International Dialogue Initiative (

He writes on group approaches to working with dreams, psycho-pathology in relations and about the Soldier's Matrix: societies of individuals in war. He is a teaching group analyst in the Zurich Institute for Group Analysis, and works regularly with Institutes in Ukraine, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Russia and China. His combined small/large groups model, called the Sandwich model, is also applied in his initiative of conflict dialogue meetings between Jews and Germans titled “Voices after Auschwitz” (

Online Large Group Conductors:

Mário David

Online Large Group Conductor

Group Analyst, Full Member from SPGPAG (Portugal), GASi (International), and N-PSA (International Society for Neuro-Psychoanalysis);

Individual and Group Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy;

With Private Practice and also specialized in Addictive Behaviors (Alcohol and Drugs);

Ex-Consultant Psychiatrist in Mental Health Community Center (CINTRA) - Centro Hospitalar Psiquiátrico de Lisboa (CHPLisboa)

He has published several Papers and Books Chapiters in different National and International Publishers (Portuguese, Brasilian and English)

Athena Marouda - Chatjoulis PhD,

Online Large Group Conductor

Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Group Analyst, Member, Trainer Analyst and Supervisor of the Greek Association of Group Analytic & Family Psychotherapy.