Invitation Letter

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

"When Divided Worlds Meet: Confluences of Identity, Culture, Continuity and Change"

On behalf of our two Societies, partners in this event, we invite you to participate in the 18th International Symposium in Group Analysis. We have planned this event with an awareness of COVID repercussions, of the gathering ecological crisis as well as of material differences in the circumstances of those who may wish to participate. This has led us to plan a gathering which will enable both remote and in-person engagement. We are aware that such dual engagement creates a division between participants, but we have nevertheless allowed ourselves to imagine a confluence of embodied and virtual groups, where streams of thought and currents of experience combine, as we seek to understand and articulate the groups that we are in the process of becoming.

Belgrade is a fitting setting in which to explore our theme. Sitting at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers - a place of meeting and of conflicts between cultures, seeking to establish common ground.

We are working to create a space for a meeting of minds - for learning, exploring and fruitful exchange; the international and local members of our committees are looking forward with growing enthusiasm to welcoming you.

David Glyn, Group Analytic Society International
Tija Despotović, Group Analytic Society Belgrade

Latest Updates:

In-person and online programme is available for the download.

Programme in-person    Programme online

Book of abstracts

Thank you for your applications. We now have a sufficient number of conductors for the in person experiential groups.
If you are attending the symposium online and would like to apply to conduct an online experiential group please complete the form.


The Group Registration option is available - for every 10 participants that register together, the registration fee is reduced by 10%.


We are happy to announce that the registration for the 18th GASi Symposium in Belgrade is now open!


See more information, like registration fees, guidelines and bursary opportunities on the Registration page.
Find out who the Symposium Key Speakers are HERE.

Preliminary registration fees and programme overview are available on the website:

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Abstract submission is officially open on the website - See Call for Papers below for further information.


GASi 18th International Symposium - First Announcement


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