GASi Belgrade 2023 - Climate Action Corner

Reflection on Climate Change - Climate change action in our mind

Climate change is the focus of interest in numerous sectors, natural and social sciences, and it presents a challenge for policies of various professions. Along with pandemics and humanitarian crises, climate change represents the greatest threat to the human population and all living things on the planet. Climate change have far-reaching negative consequences on human health, both physical and mental. The challenges of climate change are a priority that brings together all world leaders and one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals is dedicated to them.

Climate change is felt at the individual and group level, at the community level and globally. It affects changes in living conditions in urban areas, where the largest agglomerations of the population are. It reminds us that our selfish behavior has brought about changes that damage our health and threaten biocenosis and the rest of the living world.

The connection between climate change and mental health, as well as environmental and mental health has been increasingly challenge in the scientific and professional world. We should more intensive think on about Climate Change and Climate Action among group analysts. In their process and analytical reflections, group analysts deal not only with the individual in the group, but also with groups, communities and various social phenomena.

The wealth that working in a group gives us is the potential for contributing to the prevention of mental disorders and the preservation of mental health in conditions of pronounced threats that are present due to climate change.

Marija Jevtic, MD PhD
Public health expert, Group analyst
University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Medicine
GAS International, GAS Belgrade
EU Climate Pact Ambassador

Survey - GASi Climate Action Corner 2023